Client Contact Pro

A simple appointment and contact app

Client Contact Pro is a basic client manager and appointment calendar with the ability to send out mass texts or emails. Each entry into the users appointment calendar would be linked to the contact information of the client and any other individuals involved, such as a backup Midwife or intern. The app would then be able to send out reminders of upcoming appointments at a set time. If an emergency arises, the user would simply select individual appointments or a specific timeframe that need canceled and those involved would receive a preset message to inform them of the cancelation or substitution of Care Provider, if one is available. The practitioner would then be free to focus on the situation at hand without worrying about missed appointments.

This is a sample Android application from Application Deployment 2 at Full Sail University. An APK is available on request. Although releasing it to the Play Store in the future is not out of the question, there are no plans to release Client Contact Pro at this time.